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 The main statistics of the Cauca Department are as follows:

·         Capital:  Popayán

·         Population: 1.368.000 Aprox. 

·         Location: Between 00º58’54’’ and 03º19’04’’ north latitude and 75º47’36’’ y 77º57’05’’ east longitude.

·         Surface area: 29.308 km2 (2.56 % of the national territory)

·         Borders: in the north with the Valle del Cauca Department, in the east with the Tolima, Huila and Caquetá Departments, in the south with Nariño and  Putumayo and in the west with the Pacific Ocean.

·         Administrative Division: The Department is divided into 38 municipalities, 99 corregimientos, 474 police inspections, and numerous hamlets and populated areas.


                                                                                                                                 Foto: Patricia Rincón Mautner

*Information taken from Last consulted in August 2010.


Federación Nacional de Cafeteros de Colombia 2010.

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