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Sites of Interest

The Cauca region has a number of different places of interest including historical, religious, architectural, ethnic, ecological and archaeological sites just to mention a few. The city centre of the Department’s capital city, Popayán, houses a number of churches that preserve their original architecture, which, in some cases, is over 450 years old. The oldest church, La Ermita, was built in 1546.


                                                                                               Foto: Patricia Rincón Mautner

The municipality ofSilvia is home to one of the most organized groups of Indians in the country—the Guambianos or Misak—making it an important centre for ethnotourism. Silva is made up of six Indian Reservations: Ambaló, Guambía, Kisgo, Pitayó, Quichaya and Tumburao.


                                                                                     Foto: Patricia Rincón Mautner

The Department also houses one of the country’s main pre-Columbian attractions:  the Tierradentro Archeological Park, located within the Páez territory in the immediate surroundings of Paez and Inzá. The park has a large area of underground tombs and stone statues painted different shades of red and black. The most important archaeological sites in the park are: El Duende, Alto de San Andrés and El Aguacate.

Thirty kilometers east of Popayán, in the Purace National Park is the Puracé Volcano (4780 masl). It is just possible to see its peak from Popayán. The park is also home to a number of hot springs—the most popular of which are those in Pisimbalá and Coconuco—and a number of geysers and waterfalls. There are also plenty of options for extreme adventure tourism, like canoeing, rappelling and paragliding.

Last but not least, a popular destination is the Gorgona Island National Park, in the Pacific Ocean: a humid tropical forest island with a great variety of wild flora and fauna including in particular reptiles, sea turtles and crocodiles. The island is also renowned for its dolphins, humpback whales, porpoise and sperm whales that in certain periods of the year. 


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